Suicide Prevention Project

The National Suicide Prevention Trial was announced by the Australian Government in 2016. It was designed to gather evidence and further understanding of what strategies are most effective in preventing suicide at a local level and in at-risk populations.

More specifically, its objective was to provide evidence of how an evidence-based multi-component systems approach to suicide prevention might best be undertaken within the Australian context and to identify new learnings in relation to suicide prevention in at-risk population groups including people who have attempted suicide or are considered at risk of suicide.

Following, LWRS commenced the Suicide Prevention Trial Project to provide training and awareness to the Lachlan and Weddin Shire communities on suicide prevention.

The Project provides a raft of services to the community. Through events, workshops, and the engagement with various community organisations and associations, we provide non-clinical support services in the region.

This has been a hugely innovative program delivered by LWRS, and although the trial finalises this year, we have proven the dire need for permanency of the Project’s many initiatives.

The Program has been proudly funded by the Western NSW Primary Health Network.

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